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June 01, 2023

Renowned Erotic Educator Taylor K. Sparks Releases Groundbreaking Book on Ethical Non-Monogamy for African-Americans

Taylor K. Sparks, a respected holistic sexual health and wellness expert, erotic educator, and revered sex goddess also known as Mariposa, is thrilled to unveil her latest literary masterpiece, "An African-American Guide To Ethical Non-Monogamy: The How, Why, and With Whom To Explore Your Expanding Love Styles." This groundbreaking book pioneers a comprehensive exploration of ethical non-monogamy, specifically tailored to empower African-Americans in their journey of love and relationships. 

In a society where African-Americans have long been subjected to sexual stereotypes and societal expectations surrounding relationships, Taylor K. Sparks courageously challenges the status quo by presenting alternative ways of loving and being loved. Drawing from her own experiences as an African-American woman raised in the United States, Taylor offers invaluable insights and practical advice on various love styles that fall under the ethical non-monogamy umbrella. She takes a deep dive into the history of marriage, the history of African-American marriage, and the history of monogamy, shedding light on often-overlooked aspects of alternative relationships and diverse sexual lifestyles. Open relationships, swinging, polygyny, polyandry, polyamory, and more are thoroughly explored in this comprehensive guide. 

"An African-American Guide To Ethical Non-Monogamy" serves as an indispensable educational resource for individuals seeking guidance in navigating ethical non-monogamous relationships. Taylor K. Sparks provides a safe and supportive space for readers to feel seen and empowered in their love style choices. With her expertise in human behavior and holistic aromatherapy, Taylor has earned recognition in prominent media outlets such as Bustle, BuzzFeed, Conde Nast Traveler, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, GQ, Married 2 Medicine, Men's Health, Oprah, Shape, and Women's Health Magazine. 
| An African-American Guide To Ethical Non-Monogamy. The How, Why and With Whom To Explore Your Expanding Love StylesAn African-American Guide To Ethical Non-Monogamy is a how to guide of the various love styles under the ethical non-monogamy

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